You want to increase the courage to change/develop among all in your organisation to more easily communicate and carry out changes .

Experience team-building and thought- and laugh provoking workshops or workshop series with practical insights for both body and mind thus inspiring new behaviours and habits for individuals and groups around e.g:

❏ Yes and No
❏ Give and Take
❏ Roles and Rules

The workshops may be used to introduce new exercises, routines, subjects to talk about and new ways to communicate.

We adapt subjects and length needs. 1- 8 hours workshop is possible. So is a 6 x 30 minutes workshop series. With a workshop series you avoid production gaps and gain more time in between session to process insights and change behavior.

These workshops may be used to develop the courage to change generally, or to support the development work undertaken by participants in the course “Business Development though Personal Development”.

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