Watching several alpine skiers go off-track I said “Those who attend riding school are taught the art of falling. Wonder if the slalom-people have that sort of training too?” And then I heard myself say: “It is more important to be able to fall without hurting yourself than to be fast.”

Surely it must be so?! If you can fall well, you can get up and carry on moving at variable speed. Going fast is not the most important thing.

Those who feel confidence in their ability to fall in a good way – can ski faster – than those haven’t learnt the art of falling. Being fit both mentally and physically also help alpine skiers who want to go both quickly and safely.

So what about me? And you? Our life is equally important as theirs – especially for ourselves. What do we do to ensure that we are, in every way, on good form and ready to take on what life brings us?