Rawden Consulting – Pattern Breaker!

Sitting in front of a panel of six at the course “Next Generation Business” I hear myself say: “I like breaking patterns” and “Letting go of old patterns makes room for the future – to build patterns I want to have! Patterns I choose.”

Just before I decided it was my turn in the hot seat I heard the word “pattern breaker” in my head. Sure I knew that is what my life is about. But I hadn’t seen it as BRANDING.


My coaching, my courses, my lectures that’s what they are about – letting go of old patterns to make room for and  go for new ones that we actively choose!


Thank you so much Next Generation Business, the panel, all 24 participants. Your exciting stories, your listening, your courage and knowledge – all paved the way for my insight and all the old patterns I let go of and the new I now build!