Many times I have escaped into the magical world of books. In reading there is refuge from my thoughts about my concerns. A captivating world to visit and on the way to get respite from my own mind for a while.

But why do I need something captivating to escape to. Do I fear my own world and my own thoughts? What do I think will happen?

I think: I would see the challenges in my life and be forced to deal with them? And I do not want to. Not yet. Not now. Aha.

Time to choose to meet the challenges in my life, I realize. Now I do both need and want to talk to X and Y, work to maintain my boundaries, express my dreams and take step after step to satisfy both my needs and my longing. To take on all this is very scary – this is what I want. And I want to succeed.

Sure, I can get a lot out of following with the hero of the book endeavours. Rest, inspiration… But really I want to be the hero of my own life. This requires vision, courage and action. I need to give myself time to rest and listen in, wait for myself, gather strength and courage and hear what I want and do. And then I get to swing into action – one small step at a time and sometimes in great strides. Then I realize my vision.

With clear dreams about my future, rooted in me, creation itself is a relatively easy game. Of course I’m the hero of my own life. Who else could it be?