How long will you sleep during Donald Duck (on TV between 3-4 pm on the 24th) this year? That is one of my yardsticks of how life is compared to other years. When I have stressed and worked too hard, I will not stay awake during the less exciting parts.

But this year I’m in shape. Tired sometimes admittedly but the Christmas rush is non-existant even though Christmas is celebrated at my house for the first time ever. Something big has changed in my life. I get to do what I want in terms of work and the feeling of standing up for myself and what my life is all about is spreading into all areas of life.

And I like Donald Duck. Hosting during that time and running with mulled wine and raisins and serving up food for immediate attack afterwards… No, it doesn’t appeal to me. I have asked my relatives to come after four. Then we get the X-mas smörgåsboard ready. But between 3 and 4 o’clock I get to be the little child I also am and watch Donald Duck with just my very closest.