Course: Business Development through Individual Development – including Work Climate Development

You choose your own goals based upon your needs and aspirations and those of your workplace. You learn self-coaching and other tools. You are supported to drive change yourself and implement new concepts. You make lasting positive changes in behaviour, job satisfaction, commitment, cooperation and efficiency for yourself, the teams you work in and the company in general.

 You develop your personal leadership and your team leadership and after the course you can more easily communicate and:

  • listen to yourself and others – affirm and confirm 
  • ask for and accept help – cooperate
  • say no and prioritize – be efficient

Others within the company develop with you and the company gets a better work climate with:

  • Increased attendance, more enterprising and committed employees
  • Developed processes and business ideas
  • More customers and more business

Time: 2.5 days over three-four months, divided into 1-day and 3 half days and time for self-coaching, new procedures and change management projects in the workplace

Module 1: Drop old patterns…– make room for new

Module 2: Create with confidence

Module 3: Rest in flight – travel faster

Module 4: Dream realization

Places: 6-12 people

Measurable: Day 1 a number of parameters are measured that are re-measured at the end of the course

Price: Contact Rawden Consulting for a quote and for booking a course in English!

A course may with advantage be combined with:

A: Coaching of course participants

B: Coaching  to others in the workplace wishing to keep up with changes in the workplace through coaching

C: Analysis and report to the leadership of the participants change, effects on workplace with recommendations for the future

D: Inspiration lecture/workshop to all employees about a major change that course participants initiate or around a favourite tool

Rawden Consulting AB

aims for every individual to happily engage in the development of themselves and their workplace and experience themselves contributing to well-being and growth
– Use tools, coaching and processes from dozens of disciplines / philosophies and activities that have helped numerous people create what they want to have in their lives, relationships and organizations
– Also offer career development (coaching) to the management team, managers or all employees with introduction, analysis, feedback and suggestions
– Includes experience as a coach, jurist, development and project manager, business reporter, renovating landlady and property manager, lecturer …

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