Of course Jante is a force in our lives. But do you know how much Jante affects you in your thoughts and your work?

Thanks to my time as a coach abroad, I have seen a tendency among German leaders to turn themselves into a knot because they do not want to be like Hitler. When they realize that this is what they are doing there are a few insights like:

– I’m not Hitler – and won’t become Hitler.

– It’s silly.

– I can drop this idea and stop blocking myself

A smile of relief and happiness spread across their faces. Imagine how much that has suddenly become possible.

To stick to the Jante Law about how we are not to believe we are someone; Never act in ways you’ve never done; Just do what you’ve always done, etc – it is also limiting and silly. But we do not talk about it – we do see it – because it’s completely normal?!

Time to let go of Jante. It is a happiness to direct one’s own life.