Two of the winter tires were spinning the wrong way leading water into the wheel rather then away from it. When I notised I wanted to change it round. There were protests:

–       Don’t worry about that. It was that way last year and nothing happened.

–       But now I know about it and I want it to be right. I can’t let it be wrong when I can easily change it. Otherwise, I would worry. The car testing authorities would demand a change to optimise breaking. Would the traffic insurance even be fully valid like this?

I decided that I if wouldn’t get help I’d change it myself and I said:

–       You may help me if you like.

And I did get help. So what if it worked last year. With all the wheels  spinning in the right direction I feel calm and that I’m on the right track in my life. If and when I find that one of fundaments in my life is wrong I change it. I rebuild from the foundation when needed. I’m happy to do so.

In the summer it will be time to change the tires again. Summer is a time in life when the foundations need adjusting again. It is bit tiresome. But the advantages outweigh the hardship. It will be much quieter in the car and the streets will not wear out those studs that will be needed as support when winter comes.