Finishing nicely before X-mas

“I’ll get everything ready by Christmas” is a common phrase this time of year. “Everything” is a big concept. The ambition to be done with literally “everything” is to set oneself up for failure – to give oneself an impossible goal. Such goals can lead to much frustration.

Fortunately, we can redefine the content of the word “everything” to include that which we actually finished. Or we can actively reformulate our approach. How about …? “It is nice finishing a few things now before Christmas. Now I declare myself satisfied with my ongoing projects and put them aside. Now I take a break and recover. Then with  fresh courage I will take on what I choose to start in January. ”

Suddenly I think of the words of wisdom: “Give me the strength to change the things I want and can change, the strength to accept the things I cannot change and the wisdom to distinguish between the two.”