About me


I like analyzing and understanding. My logical legally trained mind enjoys finding patterns and structures and seeing both the practical and theoretical implications and creating procedures that will give the desired results. In legalese this is called Procedural Law.

Procedural Law, Labour Law and Human Rights are warm to my heart. I want everyone regardless of interests, limitations and dreams to find their strength, settle in their place of work and evolve with their jobs and work for a favourable work environment with good growth.

Long logic and rules dominated my life. I did not listen to my intuition. Thanks to a self-coaching tool I learned the autumn of 1999, I got access to listen to myself again and understand hidden dimensions. Imagine how fun for my analytical side to have access to my thoughts. What cooperation was possible. Ignored ideas and proposals now came to light.
I began to create what I really wanted in my life. I am convinced that we possess our own answers and of the importance of releasing the past and old emotions and patterns that do not serve us anymore.

Breaking and building patterns

I saw patterns that I did not want anymore and realized that they partly belonged to relatives several generations away. Now I have researched my family history (down to the 1300s) and written about their lives in order to understand them, honour them, let go of the less great patterns and build further on the positive ones. The book “My Family Roots and I” is now awaiting response from a publisher.
I love change: “Nothing is Certain – but Change”. We are always in transition. And we can make conscious choices about what we want in our lives.“ What we focus on Expand”. So let’s focus on what we want!

Since 1999 I have lived a life with courses and coaching. I’m happy to do so and focus on living the life I feel called to live and on helping others do the same. I want to contribute to an ever more positive development at work including working life and a work environment where the activities showcase creativity and a joy of working and bosses and workers who are present and communicate in good spirits thus creating an increasingly attractive work environment attracting co-workers, clients/customers and business.